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Your source for everything tea in North America

Haelssen & Lyon is an internationally operating tea company based in Hamburg, Germany. We offer everything tea, from wholesale bulk teas to ready-packed teas for tea brands and private-label tea products.

Our team of experts in the US provides local access to the company’s expertise as a wholesale tea supplier and tea manufacturer, gained from 145 years of experience as a global tea importer & exporter, combined with a specialist knowledge of the North American market.

We offer all things tea: premium teas, specialty tea, fruit and herbal infusions, botanicals, tea extracts and instant mixes – made with ingredients sourced from more than 130 countries. Our extensive range includes products from organic production, too.

Our tea catalogue

Tea Packaging

Your contact in the U.S.

Our inexhaustible selection of teas, herbal and fruit infusions

Our tea experts source high-quality teas and botanicals from a broad range of growing areas around the world. From organic production, too. Choose between your customized tea recipe or blends from our tea catalogue range - be inspired!

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From loose leaf tea sold in bulk, to packed tea bags

We support our customers from the initial idea to the market launch of your tea product. Based on our experience with handling delicate leaf teas we advise you in the selection of packaging – be it for bulk ware awaiting further processing, or packed teas for the shelf

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Your one-stop shop for wholesale tea products

The top priority in our work is to ensure and safeguard the quality of our products and services. Learn more about us and our team in the U.S.

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