The world of tea under one roof


From one source: teas, tea specialities, herbs, fruits and more from all over the world

At Hälssen & Lyon, one of Europe’s leading tea companies, the world of tea literally comes together under one roof – and that since 1879. Our company is family-owned in the 4th generation and uniquely combines an awareness of tradition with a love of innovation.

The highest-quality teas and tea specialities from all of the world’s best-known tea regions and superior grades of herb and fruit infusions are traded, refined, blended, flavoured and packed here. Our repertoire also includes instant products, decaffeinated teas and freshly-brewed ice teas for the refrigerated section.

B2B in Hamburg and the world

We are based in Hamburg, the hub for tea in Europe. Our merchandise is delivered to every international market from our headquarters in Hamburg’s historical Speicherstadt warehouse district and from our plant in the Allermöhe district of Hamburg.

Great variety of teas and tea specialities all in stock

Our modern high-rack warehouse can accommodate up to 25,000 tons of goods. Our capacity to stock such an exclusive variety makes our warehouse the world’s largest speciality tea warehouse and gives our customers the certainty that we can reliably supply exceptional teas.

Our customers worldwide include tea brands, private label customers, retailers, the beverage industry and the food-service industry. ... read more > Customers/B2B

Tea specialities and tea in every imaginable form. From a single source

We offer our business customers all the myriad facets of first-class teas from a single source: from premium mono-teas and tea specialities to the finest, flavoured herb or fruit infusions and tea extracts, from instant powder mixes in convenient formats to bottles of ready-to-drink teas, from bulk teas to finished packed goods for sale to end consumers.

We source our raw materials from all over the world, based on numerous long-standing and trusting partnerships with the world’s best tea gardens and suppliers. This gives our experienced buyers secure access to premium qualities, which we in turn can continuously offer to our customers.

A tradition of innovation

The special interplay between our tradition and experience from 145 years in the international tea business, and a contemporary, creative love of innovation have shaped us to this day. ... read more > Innovations

Quality assurance is of greatest importance to us. It has absolute priority in our sourcing of raw materials and in all production steps at our own plant. ... read more > Quality

If you have questions regarding our products and services, please contact us at:

Hälssen & Lyon GmbH
Pickhuben 9
20457 Hamburg

P +49 40-36 14 3-0
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