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Packaging Concepts / Private Label

We offer tailor-made packed teas for your brand instead of standard solutions

In addition to the exceptional range of high-quality teas, herbs, and fruits that we custom-develop for and with our customers, we offer tailor-made packaging solutions for tea brands and private-label customers.

We provide comprehensive consultancy on choosing a packaging material that shows your brand and design in the best possible light while also taking account of commercial and ecological requirements – i.e. appearance, handling, safety, protection and the best possible use of space during transport.

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Packaging options for loose tea

A large choice of customisable packaging options for premium leaf teas and herbal and fruit blends. All packagings are available in standard formats or individually tailored to your wishes – from small to large.

The final filling weight depends on the volume of the respective tea.

Alternatively, these following packagings can also be filled with pyramid bags or rectangular bags.

Tube Bag

Varied foils available, e.g. mono or laminated films
Transparent, with customised print or label

Block-Bottom Bag

Varying size, material and colour options
With customised print or label
With or without window


Hot-sealed inner bag in attractive folding box
With or without customisable window
Overall design options incl. special print finishings

Ziplock Bag

Different materials and sizes possible
With customised print or label

Composite Can

Excellent flavour protection
Reclosable, stackable, recyclable
Great scope of design options with different paper qualities, foils and print finishings
Customised formats possible


Excellent flavour protection
Optionally with easy-open lid
Partial or full labelling or metal embossings possible
Customised tin and lid formats

Tea Bags

Convenient tea indulgence: premium leaf teas and coarse cuts of fruits and herbs in high-quality tea bags that offer visible quality to tea consumers. The final filling weight  depends on the volume of the respective tea.

Pyramid and Rectangular Bags

Tea bag formats with perfect room for the leaf tea to unfold freely Variety of filter materials for visible tea quality Single-wrapped or poured loosely

Hand-sewn Bags

Tea bags made of (organic) cotton or PLA
With individually sewn edge
Different sizes possible
Single-wrapped in different sizes

Double Chamber Tea Bags

The classic tea bag for fine cuts    

Tea bags – without aluminium clip! – in hot-sealed envelope

We pack the tea bags into the outer packagings of your choice, e.g. top-quality folding boxes in customisable formats. With or without cut-out dispensers, windows, labels or print finishings. It’s your choice!

Packaging solutions for instant products and RTD

We package our wide selection of instant powder mixes, iced-tea blends and tea syrups in consumer-friendly convenience formats for you. Ready-to-drink solutions and bottle filling are also part of our repertoire.

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