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Decaffeinated tea

Decaffeinated tea

More and more consumers are interested in the topics of health and wellness. The caffeine content of beverages also plays a role, especially in people sensitive to caffeine, such as pregnant women and children who do not want to forgo the pleasure and positive properties of tea.

Hälssen & Lyon has many years of experience with the decaffeination of tea. We developed a decaffeination process for tea as early as 1935, and were the only producers for decades. In 1978, we were also the first to introduce decaffeinated teas in North America.
Our range includes black and green teas in different grades of leaf and quality.

In accordance with quality and market requirements, various production processes are available.

We offer all decaffeination processes: 

  • Natural CO2 (carbon dioxide) - a high-pressure process that treats the product gently and is suitable for all leaf grades and teas, including organic teas.
  • E/A – the solvent used – is ethyl acetate (ethyl ethanoate). Green and black tea fannings, as well as pekoe and broken black teas are available.
  • M/C – a process in which the solvent methylene chloride is used. Particularly suitable for black tea fannings for a strong cup of tea.

Our product range also includes decaffeinated tea extracts.

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