The world of tea under one roof

About us

Haelssen & Lyon North America Corp.
111 Main Street
Westport CT 06880
Phone +1-212-480-5721

Haelssen & Lyon is one of Europe′s leading tea companies. Here, the world of tea has literally been coming together under one roof for 145 years.

With Haelssen & Lyon you will get everything from a single source. We offer you a wide variety of high-quality wholesale catalogue teas, customized blends and private label-packaging solutions.


Sourcing and Quality Control

  • Longstanding partnerships with farmers and producers all over the world.
  • IFS and HACCP certified facilities. 
  • Tea certifications include NOP, Fairtrade and Kosher. Haelssen & Lyon is also a member of the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Social responsibility and community support programmes

Production and Warehousing

  • Blending capacity of 150 metric tons per day.
  • Cutting, cleaning, and sorting by color and shape, germ reduction, disinfection and homogenization.
  • Haelssen & Lyon owns the largest specialty tea warehouse in the world - located in Hamburg, Germany - with stockholding capacity exceeding 25,000 tons. 

Product Development

  • Profound expertise in teas, fruits, herbs, botanicals, certified products (Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest, etc.)
  • Custom recipes and matching
  • Innovative product development driven by market trends

Packaging Solutions

  • Tea sold in bulk or custom packaging solutions for the retail, private label and food service sectors
  • A team of experts to provide assistance from concept to shelf


We are a team of specialists with expertise ranging from specialty teas and private label to tea extracts and much more. We do not just source ingredients and packed teas from our main warehouse in Hamburg, but also have our own warehouse and tea-packing facility right here in the United States.

Haelssen & Lyon has been an active member of the US Tea Association since 1978 and co-founded the Specialty Tea Institute in 1996. Our knowledge of market trends, combined with a passion for tea and our drive for innovation allows us to offer the best customized solutions for your business.

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