The world of tea under one roof

Instant powder mixes and pre-mixes

Customised instant mixes and pre-mixes

All of our instant powder mixes and pre-mixes are based on the extensive portfolio of high-quality extracts and ingredients that we develop and refine in-house, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Customer-specific solutions

Given the innumerable possible variations based on our large selection of raw materials, we can put together precisely the ingredients that meet your individual requirements.

  • Hot or cold
    Our powder mixes are suitable for creating cold beverages, e.g. ice tea, as well as for hot drinks, e.g. chai teas, and also 3-in-1 products, which contain tea, milk and sugar and can be used for both cold and hot beverages.
  • Finished or semi-finished solutions
    We offer you finished products for sale to end consumers, such as instant tea with sugar or 3-in-1 products with tea, milk and sugar. Alternatively, you can source pre-mixes from us, e.g. without sugar, which you can then further process yourself.


Besides delivering bulk merchandise, we offer a wide selection of small packaging option

  • Sticks
  • Sachets
  • Tins and more