The world of tea under one roof

We have a tradition of innovations

We set trends in tea development

A love of innovation and new developments has characterised the company throughout the years.

Sometimes that means we had to wait patiently for the market to be ready to accept the new products. We set trends in tea development and in the ways of enjoying tea, and thereby open up new markets and sales opportunities worldwide.

Innovative tea concepts and recipes

We were in the forefront of developing convenience solutions such as ‘> teatogo’, bottling freshly brewed teas without additives à la ‘> brewT’, and the vast variety of extracts, instant powders, pre-mixes etc., and have broadened, deepened and sharpened our know-how continuously. In the 1950s, we built the world’s first instant tea factory in a tea-producing country (Sri Lanka). This knowledge is incorporated in all our tea recipes, concepts and applications, which we also develop specifically for individual customers upon request.

We invite you to gain an impression of the different concepts we have developed over the years. ... read more > Concepts

We have a broad “creative pool” that includes our specialist product developers and all the experts from the various departments. Only someone who knows the special properties of teas, herbs and fruits, understands the requirements of certified products and has a distinctive expertise in flavouring processes and much more, can develop both innovative and marketable products at the same time.