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A selection of articles that have been published in the daily or specialised press and TV items with the involvement of Hälssen & Lyon can be found below. Some of these are only available in German.

World of Food Ingredients: Brewing Wellness with Functional Tea, 03/2024

In the March 2024 issue of World of Food Ingredients, you will find an interesting article on "Functional Tea" with contributions from Hälssen & Lyon.

World of Food Ingredients: Brewing Wellness with Functional Tea

Three Clio Awards for Metamorphosis, 01/2024

In 2024, the Metamorphosis project, a collaboration between artist Sven Helbig and Hälssen & Lyon, won three Clio Music Awards: Gold in the 'Innovation' category and Bronze in both the 'Partnerships & Cooperations' and 'Partnerships' category. Find out more.

Three Clio Awards for Metamorphosis

The tea kings of Hamburg, 11/2023

For more than 100 years, the tea wholesalers of the Elbe have determined which teas reach supermarkets, specialist retailers and the catering trade. t-magazin  November 2023

The tea kings of Hamburg (pdf, 1 MB)

Seeing tea differently - since 1879, 05/2023, 05/2023

Mit einer ungewöhnlichen Recruiting-Kampagne versprüht Hälssen & Lyon die Begeisterung und Leidenschaft für Tee. I With an unusual recruitment campaign, Hälssen & Lyon is radiating enthusiasm and a passion for tea.

Seeing tea differently - since 1879, 05/2023

Winner of the iF Gold Award 2023, 04/2023

In 2023, "Metamorphosis", a collaboration between Hälssen & Lyon and the artist Sven Helbig, was awarded one of the world's most important design prizes: the iF Design Gold Award in the Communication category. Find out more about the project.

Winner of the iF Gold Award 2023

Floral dreams from the lab, 04/2023

The tradition of flowers in tea and the importance of artificially produced flavours are highlighted during a visit to Hälssen & Lyon. t-Magazin April 2023

Floral dreams from the lab (pdf, 328 KB)

Is it possible to drink a violin? Absolutely!, 02/2022

Since the founding of our company in 1879, not a day has gone by in which we do not try to rethink the idea of tea. In the beginning of 2022, we presented a composition that has never existed before: A tea, made from the body of a violin.

Is it possible to drink a violin? Absolutely!

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