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HÄLSSEN & LYON Whistleblower Portal

Hälssen & Lyon has a long tradition of responsibility – towards our employees, our partners and society.
Our business activities are based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. In our daily work we naturally comply with any relevant jurisdictions. We respect basic ethical values and act within their scope. In addition, we have developed principles and guidelines that oblige us to respect and uphold human as well as employee rights; to protect the environment and to fight corruption.

By means of our anonymous whistleblower portal, employees and outsiders can report possible violations of these guidelines or laws directly, securely and easily. Any grievances that are reported to us will be investigated and appropriate countermeasures will be initiated.

The following link gives you access to the whistleblower portal, a platform that is independent of Hälssen & Lyon. There you will find further information on the reporting process and whistleblower protection. Please type the link into your browser manually, this prevents possible traceability and thus protects the anonymity of the whistleblower.