The world of tea under one roof

Product development

Innovative tea products – customised from concept to market launch

Like almost no other drink, tea combines traditions spanning thousands of years with our modern, present-day and future world. We translate the experience we have gained in the international consumer markets into the development of innovative new tea products for our customers. Instead of following trends, our aspiration is to create new tea trends together.

Create your exclusive tea brand or range of teas with us!
We support our customers from idea to development to market launch. Our ‘creative pool’ of experts is broadly based, and includes our specialised product developers as well as all employees with specialist knowledge from the various departments.

Only those who know the specific characteristics of teas, herbs and fruits as they do, who understand the requirements of certified products and have a strong level of expertise in flavouring processes and the uses of tea can develop innovative products that also meet the needs of the market.

Our Product Development division is comprised of the Specialist Trade, Industrial Packaging, and RTD departments.

Benefit from our expertise in:

  • Specific characteristics of teas, herbs and fruits
  • Requirements for certified products (Fairtrade, Rainforest, kosher, etc.)
  • Tea processing and flavouring with specially adapted technical processes
  • The development of ready-to-drink products, instant mixes, tea syrup, and many other [related] products
  • Insights into international consumer markets and trending developments

We offer you:

  • Consultancy and customer-specific recipe development and optimisation
  • Creation of new recipes and flavour compositions using the latest flavour technologies and techniques
  • Innovative development of new tea products, tea concepts, and technological processes ... read more > Innovations
  • Consultancy in all project areas, e.g. the conception of packaging and design ... read more > Consulting