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Our company policy for customer service, environmental awareness and our staff

The core of Hälssen & Lyon’s activities is expressed in our mission statement: “We strive to win over customers with innovative products, outstanding service, and the personal dedication of our highly-motivated staff.” In this, we are guided by the following principles:

Focus on the customer

Customer satisfaction is the focus of our daily work. We concentrate on identifying our international clients’ needs and on developing future-oriented solutions together with our business partners. 


We create new markets. Hälssen & Lyon is not only a worldwide supplier of first-class products, but above all an expert developer of innovative goods and concepts. Our success lies in discovering the market demands of the future. ... read more > Innovations

Quality management 

We set very high standards for the quality of our products and services. To live up to this claim and ensure more transparency, safety and hygiene in our production chain for our clients, we work according to the International Featured Standards Food (IFS, higher level) and the HACCP concept. ... read more > Quality


Competent, committed staff are the foundation of Hälssen & Lyon’s success. We make sure our staff receive systematic continuous training, and offer young people a solid, qualified training as apprentices in our company. ... read more > Careers

Environment and society

Ecologically sound and sustainable action as well as the consciousness of a social responsibility towards our employees, partners and the environment determine all our activities. These are the prerequisite and at the same time the result of a value-oriented management.

If you have questions regarding our products and services, please contact us at:

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