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Haelssen & Lyon North America Corp.
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We offer our wholesale customers high-quality teas, as well as herbal and fruit infusions from all the world’s tea regions. Our partners include renowned, established tea gardens as well as smaller, up-and-coming ventures with out-of-the-ordinary cultivation projects. They all share our high quality-standards.

Add to that a broad selection of instant tea products as well as high-quality fruits, herbs and spices – as mono-components or as ingredients for the creation of tea blends, tailored to our customers’ needs.

Be inspired by our tea catalogue webshop

Our Haelssen & Lyon tea catalogue webshop for wholesale customers contains a select range of first-class premium teas, herbal and fruit blends, which we offer in 1-kg bags - ready to order.

Our webshop requires a one-time registration to browse through the tea range.
For retailers and resellers only. The minimum order quantity is 5 kg total.

Of course, there is a lot more! If you would like to know about our whole portfolio of teas and blends in bulk, please contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Black and green teas
  • White teas
  • Oolongs
  • Yellow teas
  • Pu Erh
  • Tea specialties
  • Rooibos
  • Fruit and herbal infusions
  • Flavored tea
  • Decaffeinated tea
  • Tea extracts
  • Fruits, herbs and spices
  • Organic tea products
  • Tea products with other certifications

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