The world of tea under one roof

brew T®

Iced teas made from fresh-brewed pure tea

Our portfolio of services includes everything from the development of compelling RTD solutions through to the bottling of freshly brewed teas in our own bottling plant.

Unlike in conventional, industrial iced-tea production, no tea extract is used in brew T iced teas.

Our brew T concept involves a real infusion of pure tea, which we offer to our customers as a private-label product.

Carefully selected tea leaves are freshly brewed and the infusion is sweetened as desired and further enhanced. This ensures an authentic tea flavour while also preserving the valuable ingredients of the tea thanks to gentle preparation. The tea infusion is bottled immediately after brewing.

  • A true infusion of tea and herbs
  • Authentic tea flavour
  • No additives such as preservatives, artificial colourants etc.
  • Natural ingredients

  • Use of alternative sweeteners, e.g. agave
  • Reduced-sugar recipes
  • Minimum shelf life of 18 months
  • Choose from a fixed assortment of bottle formats