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Happy Halloween!!!

Let's introduce to you: Angstea!

Dear business partners, 

We've prepared some fearsome good fun for you just in time for Halloween! Scary Angstea!!!

Tea and its endless variety offer so much room for creativity – even to concoct a treat for fans of horror at Halloween and during the cold and dark season. After all, tea is said to offer the very best traits, and the abundance of natural healing herbs that have been used for centuries in the natural medicine lets us keep developing new tea creations to suit any and every occasion. 

Allow us to introduce you to a creepy world of illusions at Halloween!

Using an elaborate 3D printing technique, we created tea eggs in an iconic horror-mask look, turning the act of infusing tea into a spectacle for fans of horror with nerves of steel.
That is how these unique images were created. See for yourself. We wish you a spooky good time!

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