The world of tea under one roof


Easy tea preparations using a machine


In recent years, a wide range of machines have been developed to help consumers brew a perfect cup of tea. Tea pads facilitate a quick and easy preparation of expertly brewed tea.

As long ago as 2005, Hälssen & Lyon developed its Tpad® concept, the first single-serve [tea] system for pad and / or portafilter machines.

A customer-specific TPad® range can include all black, green, fruit and herbal tea varieties. We put together exclusive creations for our customers – to meet the taste of the target groups.

  • Convenient single-serve packaging for fast and easy machine preparation
  • Tea blends have been analysed for safety for brewing at lower temperatures
  • Full-bodied flavour thanks to excellent tea grades
  • Works with all common machine models
  • Exclusive recipes, market and target group-specific tea blends

Tea capsules

Ideally, modern capsule machines will select the correct temperature and brewing time for a given tea.

Hälssen & Lyon draws on expertise from the various fields to supply individualised tea mixes that are ideal for use in capsules.