The world of tea under one roof


Exotic ‘n’ spicy ‘tealiciousness’

In 2005, Hälssen & Lyon first began marketing the exquisite mixture of tea, spices and milk in Western sales markets with the introduction of its ‘Tchai’ concept. A wide range of variations on such ‘chai’ teas – from chai latte to matcha chai blends – now delight a large fan base around the globe.

Cardamom, ginger, cloves and cinnamon give these teas their unique spiciness and an exotic-robust touch – the epitome of Asia’s centuries-old tea culture.
This beverage provides a way to address target groups that haven’t yet discovered a taste for tea. More than ever, spicy and powerful Tchai is also an ideal complement to coffee.

Ever since, we have been creating individual Tchai or rather chai recipes for our customers, enabling tea lovers to enjoy wonderful oriental tea moments.

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