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The sophisticated combination of liquid and granulated flavourings

Our exquisite MicroLeaf® teas combine liquid flavourings for a pleasant flavour, and micro-encapsulated flavour granules for long-lasting taste. The coarse-grained granules blend harmoniously into blends with large leaf teas or fruit-and-herbal teas. The colour can also be adapted to a given tea variety.

The infusion retains its original, intense taste even hours after brewing. MicroLeaf® teas keep for years. Even after two years, their unique fragrance and taste [experience] remains intact.

  • Unique, intensely flavourful MicroLeaf® system
  • Flavour-infused leaf tea / coarse-cut tea that retains its taste and fragrance for two years
  • Micro-encapsulated flavour granules guarantee a lasting tea experience even when exposed to heat
  • Coarse graining and individual colours for harmonious overall appearance in large leaf teas

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