The world of tea under one roof


Exceptional composition for a fruity taste

Juicea® tea blends use flavourings containing real Juice concentrates. In a balanced combination with special ingredients imparting sweetness and acidity, they deliver particularly fruity tea enjoyment that requires neither sugar nor sweeteners.

The Juicea® flavour capsules have a minimum shelf life of over two years. The blends retain their full flavour even hours after brewing. 

  • Sweet, fruity Juicea® product thanks to encapsulated Juicea® flavourings and selected ingredients for sweetness and acidity
  • No sugar or sweeteners
  • Intense flavour that is not lost during brewing
  • Micro-encapsulated flavourings with a minimum shelf life of over 2 years
  • Selected ingredients and exclusive recipes
  • Enjoy hot or cold
  • Cup colour is the colour of the fruit
  • Homogeneous blends that won’t separate into their components
  • Option of co-branding on the packaging
  • Available in many flavours